PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A shirt being sold at Target is stirring up a lot of conversation on social media.

The shirt says “Strong Like Mom” and shoppers can find it in both the boys and girls section of the store.

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The shirt is part of Target’s Cat & Jack brand whose spring line features several t-shirts with inspiration quotes, but the message is being met with mixed reviews.

Debra Mogaji says, “As a woman, I think I am very strong and I think it sends a good message.”

“If it was for a girl, I would definitely get it for my daughter,” says Silvana Lopez. “But if it were for my son, I don’t know if I necessarily want him saying ‘strong like mom.’”

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Josh Blum, a father, says, “I think the idea that one person’s sex is stronger than the other is kind of silly.”

The t-shirt now has a hashtag on social media, #stronglikemom.