By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–When you hit the gym, you’re there to break a sweat. But, are you also breaking the rules? Inside the Sporting Club at the Bellevue, most members admit to one or two pet peeves.

“Maybe grunting out loud, too loud,” said Phil Moran of Center City.

“Not wiping down after your workout,” added fellow Philly resident Shelley Johnson.

For Rick DeOliveira of Center City, “wearing too much cologne” was unwelcome.

So, what are the rules of the gym?

Lisa Rothstein, a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, has seen the do’s don’ts and absolute nevers. She says it comes down to three categories, beginning with equipment.

From putting weights back where you found them to tying up equipment. One of the biggest complaints? Folks who don’t clean the machines!

“If you’re getting a good workout in, you’re probably going to sweat. Proper etiquette? Wipe away your sweat.”

Next up? Cell phones. From talking too loud for too long to taking one too many gym selfies.

“Lifting up your shirt, showing off your abs, taking a quick picture,” explained Rothstein.

“I’d limit that to zero probably,” said Moran.

And never, ever recording anyone else… ever.

“Definitely not allowed at this gym. That’s an absolute no, no,” said Rothstein.

Finally… the fine line of social interaction and knowing when it’s not wanted.

“When they’ve got their ear phones in, that’s code for don’t bother me,” explained Rothstein.

Especially if you’re correcting their form.

“More often than not, it’s not appreciated.”

Along the same lines… give it a rest with the pick-up lines.

According to Rothstein, “It’s not . You’re not j-swiping or tindering. The gym isn’t the right place for that.”