By Pat Loeb

by Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia City Council members are giving generally high marks to the budget that Mayor Kenney presented to them on Thursday.

They also applaud his call to fight back against federal and state policies that could work against the budget’s anti-poverty efforts.

After he outlined a budget aimed at protecting the vulnerable and improving the economy, Mayor Kenney went off script to defend the Beverage Tax and address uncertainties about the impact of Trump administration policies.

Kenney Proposes $4.4 Billion Budget With No New Taxes But Some New Services

“I’ve never felt such instability and lack of surety since 1968 when I was ten years old,” Kenney said.

He got sustained applause for an emotional appeal for solidarity.

“All of us who love this city and the diversity, and strength, racial diversity, ethnic diversity, LGBT folks, all of us are under attack and we need to stand up together, just like 1968,” Kenney said.

“He took where morally, and as a community, we should be to higher ground,” said Councilman Curtis Jones.

Jones said the message was “inspirational.” He also said the budget is one the council can work with.

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