UPPER DARBY, Pa. (CBS) — Upper Darby Police believe they have put an end to a week-long crime spree in their community.

“This was really violent criminal activity, this was not a joke,” said Superintendent Michael Chitwood with the Upper Darby Police Department.

Chitwood said a 16-year-old, from Upper Darby, and a 17-year-old, from West Philadelphia, have been arrested.

The teens are charged with badly beating and robbing a 63-year-old man last week.

63-Year-Old Man Beaten, Robbed In Delaware County

Police believe the two suspects went on a spree of strong-armed robberies all throughout Upper Darby.

“I am very grateful to the police department. They catch them and they put them in jail,” said M.D. Fowzer of Upper Darby.

Fowzer’s 60-year-old friend was one of the five people allegedly attacked by the teens.

His friend was beaten and robbed while walking along Fairfield Avenue.

“I was so scared,” said another alleged victim who was too shaken up to disclose her name.

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That woman was attacked on Tuesday night along Chatham Road. She described being hit from behind and having her purse snatched with $1,100 inside.

“That was actually my last money, because my husband didn’t work the last four months,” the woman added.

Upper Darby Police have charged the teens with robbery as juveniles, but are hoping to charge the two as adults.

“They committed real crime, they deserve real time. Not a slap on the wrist that the juveniles justice system will be,” Chitwood added.

Chitwood believes the two teens heinously targeted easy prey: elderly people and people who could not speak English.