PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Political Analyst AB Stoddard previewed tonight’s address from Donald Trump before a joint session of Congress with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, saying that now is the time for Trump to reveal in depth what he is planning.

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“He really has to get into the tomorrow. Republicans are really urging the team and they’ve been pretty focused on it, being optimistic, forward looking and this is a night to make news. He’s got to have some kind shape and formula for his big plans. That’s going to be difficult because the healthcare debate and the lack of consensus is like a five alarm fire right now.”

President Trump To Deliver First Address To Joint Session Of Congress

Stoddard, who writes for Real Clear Politics, believes Trump has to show a different side of his personality to both those who support and oppose him.

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“This is not a night to bash the media. This is a night to be Presidential and tell everyone who might not have voted for Trump but are desperately afraid about the economy and their healthcare, voted for Trump but are worried about the first month and are looking for some reassurance, this is a really big audience and it’s big opportunity. I think they know that they have to up the game.”

She also expects Democrats to protest and disrupt the address when they get the opportunity.

“I think the Democrats, you can count on them. I don’t know who it will be. It’ll be interesting but someone is going to try to raise $2 million or whatever Joe Wilson did after that outburst. They’ll try it, for sure. Maybe several of them.”


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