By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf says he is encouraged the state legislature may finally be ready to tackle tax reform, a move he says could benefit local property owners who are footing the bill for schools.

Speaking at a senior forum in Philadelphia, Gov. Wolf says there is growing, bi-partisan interest in doing something about property taxes – the foundation of school funding in most counties in the state, including the suburban counties here.

“I ran on trying to make sure that local taxpayers get a break, especially property taxpayers, because that’s a really particularly regressive and onerous tax on, especially seniors who are on fixed incomes and can’t afford to see their property tax rates go up every year.”

The governor says if the legislature finds a path to tax reform, he’s willing to work with lawmakers to try to make the numbers work.

Wolf’s current budget proposal includes no personal or sales tax increases. It relies instead on consolidating cabinet departments and realizing savings through more efficient government operations.