3pm- While visiting  a museum in Washington D.C., President Trump denounced Antisemitism. 

3:20pm- Lawrence O’ Donnell suggested that Mike Pence should use the power of the 25th Amendment to take power away from President Trump.

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3:30pm- While on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, John Heilemann said that Trump’s war on media may provoke an act of violence similar to the Oklahoma City bombing. 

4:05pm- Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart following controversial comments regarding pedophilia. 

4:50pm- Has Mar-a-Lago become the new Camp David?

5pm- The Dow Jones “Trump Bump”is the biggest post inaugural gain since Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidency.

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5:15pm- Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, claims Russian hacks could have been the reason for Clinton’s electoral defeat.

5:20pm- Keith Olbermann explains how the 25th Amendment could be Trump’s undoing.

5:35pm- Sen. Rand Paul disagrees with Sen. John McCain’s criticisms of Donald Trump. He stated that if McCain were president the U.S. would be in perpetual war.

5:40pm- Glenn Greenwald notes the hypocrisy of the left suddenly loving White House information leaks.

5:50pm- CNN’s Brain Stelter claims that Donald Trump’s attack on the press are a form of poison. 

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