By Christina Dagnelli

Philadelphia is a top market when it comes to music and there is no shortage of venues in the city of Brotherly Love to listen to all types of music. Indie Rock is an alternative Rock with an underground following; which seemed to originate in the 1980s in the US and the UK. (also referred to as Garage Rock, Folk Rock or New Wave). This occurred as grunge and punk became more mainstream. So people who love Indie Rock are those who want to find new music and experiences, and enjoy music that has an outsider perspective.  Indie Rock bands are also those who haven’t gone commercial either by choice or design. Here are the top five places in the city you can find Indie Rock bands the most often, or have the best perks for a night of Indie Music.

Union Transfer
1026 Spring Gardens St.
Philadelphia, PA. 19123
(215) 232-2100

Union Transfer is located in the Callowhill Area, (The former Spaghetti Warehouse for locals).  It is a Large space, without being overwhelming or too big. And you can enjoy music here loudly without having your ears buzzing. They also have perks like a coat check, bar, private lot for parking, and outdoor smoking area. Good for people who go in large groups and is moderately priced. Union Transfer is a top pick among 20 somethings.

The Barbary
951 Frankford Ave.
Philadelphia, PA. 19125
(215) 634-7400

If you are looking for Indie music over in Fishtown plenty of Indie bands come to the Barbary. They even have Indie Rock Dance party nights (as well as EMO, Karaoke and punk rock nights). The Barbary isn’t too fancy and is considered inexpensive. This is a good place to end your night when you are almost out of money but still want to dance; they are open late night from 10pm-2am. Don’t bother with a credit card; this is a cash only establishment.

Kungfu Necktie
1248 N. Front St.
Philadelphia, PA 19122
(215) 291-4919

KungFu Necktie is not pretentious, nor is it expensive and is described as a fun dive type bar that supports the local music scene. You can also enjoy the occasional dance party. If you want to see the hottest and latest in Indie Music you can see live shows here on a regular basis.  Daily music show tickets are occasionally free or low cost ($3-$6) with some more moderately priced ($10-$20). Kungfu Necktie opens up around 5pm and is open until 2AM, they also have a pool table and TVs.

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World Café Live
3025 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 222-1400

Most people are familiar with the World Café and their love of music will continue to make is a very popular place to come enjoy Indie Music. The World Café has a rather large room, which is great for the acoustics. It will also help you feel less closed in and can satisfy the needs of a larger group.  There is an upstairs and downstairs so sometimes there is a different event going on in one location which can require tickets. Where the downstairs is always a free cover. If you want to find some new up and coming musicians, or you are one yourself you should consider visiting on a Monday night for their open Mic night. You can also get a bite to eat here; some of their most popular dishes are the honey roasted turkey with poached pears and brie, and their Salmon tacos. For Vegans check their calendar because they do have vegan nights.

The New Fillmore in Fishtown
29 East Allen St.
Philadelphia, PA. 19123
(215) 309-0150

Over in Fishtown is the New Fillmore. Live Nation converted this 125 year old building and you can enjoy plenty of Indie Music here. The New Fillmore also offers 3 different and distinct venues within it to satisfy everyone’s musical needs in your group, or even if you wish to concert hop. Each venue has a different vibe so it can be a unique experience for your night Some perks to going to the New Fillmore for Indie Music is its bar, their kitchen, and their own parking lot in the rear.

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