By Andrew Kramer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Grab those paddles!

While you can easily find places to play pool in Philadelphia, and there are many bowling alleys in town, ping pong venues are few and far between.

That changes this summer when SPiN Philly is scheduled to open at 15th and Walnut.

“It’s literally filled with only ping pong tables as the amusement,” explains Jonathan Bricklin, co-founder of SPiN. “It is very unusual and you don’t really find it anywhere else.”

There are currently SPiN venues in five cities throughout the country. Philadelphia will be the sixth.

“And I think the city will really love playing ping pong in an environment like this,” says Bricklin.

In other words, he says, SPiN and Philadelphia are the perfect match:

“Philly will really appreciate the nuance of what SPiN is. We’re not trying to be another sports bar because there’s already good sports bars. We’re just trying to create a really irreverent and fun atmosphere.”

He says SPiN venues are always high energy. And one of the best parts…

“Is we pick up the ping pong balls for you,” adds Bricklin. “Even though that doesn’t necessarily sound revolutionary, it’s such a relief to not have to run around picking up your ping pong ball all the time.”

That’s because there’s a bucket of balls at each table.

“We have employees that have these really cool fish net ping pong ball scoops,” explains Bricklin, “and they pick up the balls for you and put them in buckets next to your table.”

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