By Kristina Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Texas woman’s Facebook post showing two baby onesies surrounded by hundreds of IVF needles is going viral.

Lauren Walker shared the powerful picture on February 9 to reveal she and her husband, Garyt, are expecting twins after struggling to get pregnant for years.

“We prayed for 953 days…452 Needles, 1000’s of tears, 1 corrective surgery, 4 clomid/letrozole attempts, 2 IVF rounds, 3 failed transfers & 1 Amazing GOD. We are overwhelmed with joy to finally announce that we are expecting boy/girl TWINS!!”

She said she and her husband thought about different ways to announce the pregnancy, but everything fell short of doing them justice.

“Taking out these needles by the handful to take this photograph was… surreal. Half way through my hands started to quiver, my breath got short, and I had to stop. I sat down, looked at it and started to cry. Not because I was sad about what it took to get here, but because it was a representation of my world, our world, for the past over two and a half years staring back at me. There was a lot of pain, hope, and fear behind each of these needles. Each one represents a different day, a different path, a different emotion. It’s a lot to take in.”

Lauren credited her faith and her husband for giving her the strength to keep trying.

She ended the emotional post by revealing the twins names, Duke and Diana, and said, “Mommy and Daddy cannot wait to hold you in our arms, for we have carried you in our hearts for a lifetime.”

The babies are due in August 2017.

Lauren’s post has over 1,700 likes and has been shared nearly 300 times.

She says, “We are overwhelmed with the love and support out there.”