By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s the high profile handshake that has a lot of people talking.

“I think it’s indicative of his approach to a lot of things,” said one passerby.

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Thomas Hicks of Atlanta added, “He wants to be the alpha male.”

“It’s not my style, but it didn’t seem problematic,” said Tom, in town from Washington, D.C.

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That hasn’t stopped some from poking fun at President Trump’s unique approach, from viral YouTube videos, to late night television and plenty of commentary on social media.

“He uses his handshake very strategically,” explained Susan Mackey-Kallis, a communications professor at Villanova University and body language expert. She believes the president uses the greeting as a way to gain the upper hand…literally.

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“Donald Trump does a lot of patting, yanking, holding to demonstrate that he’s in charge of the conversation.”

Mackey-Kallis says while it may be effective, it’s not proper etiquette. So, how should you handle the handshake?

“Be firm, but don’t be a bone crusher,” said one respondent.

“Firm, but not necessarily extended,” added another. “I usually gauge the other persons shake.”

So, how important is all this stuff?

“So much of how we feel about people is communicated non-verbally. So, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of the small gestures we make,” said Mackey-Kallis, who suggests looking the person in the eye, extending a hand and holding firm, but not tight. No more than three pumps and drop.

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