By Jim Donovan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Does the high cost of cable have you thinking about cutting the cord?

“There’s definitely options for anybody who wants to cut the cord,” said CNET’s Joan Solsman. “It’s a matter of what you’re willing to sacrifice in order to have that.”

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Solsman says there are several things to consider first.

1. Internet Access

It all begins with your internet access. “Unless you want to use your mobile phone to watch all your TV, you’re still going to need high speed broadband access into your home,” Solsman explained.

If you don’t have a smart television that can automatically stream…

“What you might want to consider is getting a streaming box like a Roku or an Apple TV. What they do is provide you greatest amount of options for what streaming channels you’ll have access to,” Solsman said.


If you just want the bare bones basics, you’ll need at least an antenna. “They’re usually pretty cheap,” Solsman explained.


Finally, if you’re a big sports fan, realize your options will be much more limited by cutting cable. “You’ll have to pay more than you might think to get it over the web,” Solsman said.

It’s hard to beat bundles that include phone, internet and cable for one price, especially if you want a lot of varied content. If you don’t mind less choices, pull out a calculator and do a little bit of research.

As you may find, cutting cable can add up to significant savings over time.