By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia School District has outlined plans to overhaul the academics at eleven low-performing schools.

Unlike previous years, none of these struggling schools are closing or being converted to charters. Four schools — Bartram High, Harding Middle, and Hartranft and McDaniel Elementary, had self-designed improvement plans approved. Three schools — Blankenburg, Heston and John Marshall Elementary — are in what is called the district’s Turnaround Network, requiring staff changes, says Superintendent William Hite.

“We would be asking the principals if those individuals want to remain at the schools, they would have to make application, or reapply for those positions,” Hite said. “And their staffs will be asked to reapply.”

Hite says each school is in line for up to $1-million extra for academic and instructional improvements.

Overhauls for Franklin, Fels, Kensington Health Sciences and Overbrook high schools will be announced later in the spring, with an immediate emphasis on helping students transition to 9th grade.

The eleven schools were identified for intervention after scoring 15 or less on the district’s zero-to-100 School Progress Report. The overhaul plans were developed after a series of community meetings at each school last October.