3pm- General Mike Flynn resigns as National Security Adviser amid accusations of having misled White House officials about a series of communications he had with a Russian ambassador prior to the Trump administration being sworn into office.

3:20pm- Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. Roy Blunt have called for an investigation into Gen. Flynn’s communications with Russia.

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4:05pm- There is a Russian spy ship in international waters off the coast of Delaware. 

4:20pm- Residents of Limerick, PA who live in the nuclear threat zone have been told to re up on their anti-radiation pills.

4:30pm- Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi attacked the Trump administration calling Gen. Flynn a “scapegoat” while referencing a fake tweet.

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4:40pm- A Berkeley Protester called Milo Yiannopoulos a fascist.

5pm- Sen. Rand Paul disagreed with the idea of investigating Gen. Flynn following his resignation. 

5:25pm- Mayor Jim Kenney says that God is on the side of the illegal immigrants. 

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