PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—Your hands may be able to tell you just how wealthy you’ll be, a new study finds.

The study, conducted at the Higher School of Economics in Russia found that an adult’s 2D:4D ratio, known as the digit ratio–or the ratio of their ring finger to their index finger, may be linked to their income.

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Prior research reveals that many skills and successes may be linked to the widely known 2D:4D ratio.

This study in particular was the first to examine the link between the size of one’s hand to their income.

The digital ratio is measured using various techniques. Researchers at the Higher School of Economics says they used an electronic caliper.

Respondents were asked to place their hands on a flat surface, palms facing upwards, and to straighten out their fingers. A researcher then measured the length of the index and ring fingers on both hands (the paper notes that this measurement should be taken from the center of the fold between the finger and palm up to the very tip of the finger so that the upper lip of the caliper does not press against the finger).

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The study analyzed nearly 700 men and 900 for women, asking them a number of questions concerning income and salaries.

The results: the higher the salary, the lower the digit ratio.

“The results of the regression analysis showed a negative correlation between the income and 2D:4D ratios of women,” said researchers in a news release. “In other words, the higher the salary, the lower the ratio. The effect was negative even when taking into account salary predictors such as gender, age, education level, job position, and the position’s economic sector. What is interesting is that this quantitative association is seen in men as well, though only after taking into account respondents’ level of education.”

Researchers say they plan to continue to study the connection between 2D:4D and academic success, as well as associations between education level.

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