By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On this Valentine’s Day, a story of love through giving after grief and finding hope by helping others. It’s a mother’s mission of sharing.

We first told you about this Delaware County mother last year.

Tina Rose is part of a big online network of moms who have lost babies and on Valentine’s Day she delivered gift bags to Riddle Hospital where she was greeted by the staff with hugs and tears.

The gift bags full of books and soothing candles will go to mothers who lost babies.

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“It’s bittersweet for me because I wish that there was no need for this,” said Tina who knows all about the pain of losing a baby.

Tina’s baby girl Larkin died from a birth complication a year and a half ago.

She found comfort through social media where people who were once strangers have become soulmates helping each other cope with grief.

“It’s really easy to try to blame yourself and this book kind of points out that we aren’t to blame when something horrible like this happens,” says Tina.

The book titled “You Are The Mother Of All Mothers,” by Angela Miller is among the many items in the gift bag marked with the words Love Always Remains.

The initials from the words on the bag stand for her lost daughter, Laura Amelia Rose.

The bags are packed with soothing lotions and candles, books and informational pamphlets.

“I wanted to show them that they’re not alone and there’s a huge community out there, sadly of other bereaved parents and we’re here for them as well,” said Tina.

Rosi Wurster is the head of patient care services at Riddle Hospital.

She says whether from miscarrage, stillbirth or SIDs, losing a baby is devastating.

“This is an acute loss,” says Wurster.

The gift bags will be on standby at the hospital and given out when they’re needed.

“To turn this loss into something that’s going to be so meaningful for someone else, really it’s so heartwarming,” Wurster said.

Tina is pregnant again with a baby boy who is due in April.

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“You still grieve that baby that you lost, but there’s also hope again,” she said.

Tina collected money for the gift bags through a GoFundMe page called Larkin’s Legacy.

She’ll continue that mission even when she welcomes her new baby.

Tina says she couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Stephanie Stahl