By Michael Cerio 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s tough to quietly sell millions of records and collect a few Grammy nominations, but somehow Skillet has managed just that.

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Over the course of twenty years, the Memphis band has been one of the top tour attractions and album sales leaders in the rough world of rock – yet remarkably some people are still finding Skillet.

“I usually tell people that Skillet is the biggest selling band you’ve never heard of” says singer John Cooper plainly before a show last week at Electric Factory in Philadelphia. “We’re thrilled to be doing it this long, we’re lucky, but of course you’re never satisfied. You always want to climb to the next peak, and for us I do think it is – it’s funny that I’m still saying this, but it is happening. We’re getting our name out to new people. People think we’re a brand new band sometimes.”

Skillet of course has picked up a lot of fans in twenty years, but they’ve also picked up a few family members too.

“We have kids now, so kids on the road sort of changes the dynamic of everything” explains guitarist, keyboardist, and wife Korey Cooper of the biggest change over two decades of rock for Skillet. “It was already kind of a family atmosphere for us, and I think with the addition of the kids it’s like ok – this isn’t about you, this isn’t about anything small, this is about keeping the important things important.”

“I don’t know if our kids know how awesome their parents are, but we’re working on that” adds John about the couple’s fourteen and eleven-year-old. “It keeps you grounded.”

Skillet seems to be unshakable, free of distractions with their family along for the ride. It’s that luxury coupled with their faith that has allowed the Unleashed band to keep their head on straight over the years.

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Skillet has been labeled a Christian band since their inception, a label that John Cooper still wears proudly but he thinks the band stretches far beyond that distinction.

“I never wanted to play to just Christian people” describes John. “Once I kind of realized that that might be happening I tried very hard to get out into the rock world, because that’s not what, for me, Christian music should be.”

The label of “Christian rock” has actually had an interesting side effect according to Skillet. The label has created a sense of security for parents that other rock bands might not as easily inspire.

“I think it’s a really valid thing that, a lot of the reason we have so many young fans, is because their parents feel ok with them listening to it” explains John. “That’s just my personal opinion for what that’s worth.”

To hear more from Skillet, check out the full interview below or watch the video here.


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