3pm- Sen. Richard Blumenthal claims Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch said he was disheartened over Trump’s attacks on federal judges. 

3:20pm- The 2017 Grammy’s occurred last night. Adele walked away with 5 awards. 

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3:25pm- During a performance at last night’s Grammy awards, Busta Rhymes referred to President Trump as “agent orange.”

3:30pm- Did SNL go too far with their Kellyanne Conway skit?

3:40pm- Donald Trump has plans for an historic roll back on government regulation.

3:50pm- Beth Anne Mumford, from American’s for Prosperity, calls in to discuss the benefits of simplifying the tax code and removing government over regulation.

4pm- Sarah Silverman mistakes a construction marker for a swastika. 

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4:05pm- Does “The Walking Dead” defend gun ownership? 

4:20pm- Meryl Streep pledges to stand up to “brown shirts.”

4:30pm- A guest of Mara-a-Lago claims to have taken a photo of Donald Trump’s reaction to North Korea’s latest ballistic missile test. 

4:35pm- Republican representatives in Tennessee are attempting to pass a “Milo Bill” which would attempt to protect free speech on state campuses. 

4:40pm- A United Airlines pilot went on an anti-Trump/Clinton rant prior to take off resulting in several passengers leaving the plane.

4:50pm- While on Meet the Press, former Senator Jim Webb said that the Democrat party has gone too far left.

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5:20pm- A $325,000 wedding was cancelled after a fist fight broke out at the rehearsal dinner.