By Ian Bush

by Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Top honors at last night’s Grammy Awards went to Adele.

But, there was another battle brewing between Beyoncé, and KYW’s own special contributor Larry Kane.

OK, that might be overstating it a bit.

Beyoncé was among the Best Music Film nominees, as was Ron Howard for “Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years.”

And the Grammy goes to, that Beatles documentary in which Larry Kane features heavily.

“When I saw the film for the first time, I felt like I was living it again. Ron Howard managed to bring you back in time, after the assassination of a president, the war in Vietnam, the nation is simmering with tension. And The Beatles were the ultimate shared experience. On stage you see what an incredible band they were,” said Kane.

The Grammy-winning film is now streaming on Hulu and also available on DVD and Blu-ray.