By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — When you’re looking for love, most consider common ground a good place to start.

“You have to have the same morals, and the same values,” said Leslie from Philadelphia. Fellow Philly resident Christina told Eyewitness News, “You got to like the same type of food, actors, movies.”

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Yvette Williams of the Northeast added, “Similar taste in music.”

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For Dawn Vahey of Elkins Park, it was all about “common interests.”

But, what about forming a bond based on what you abhor?

“Oh, absolutely,” said Williams. “I think people love to complain.”

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Enter Hater, the app that helps you find love built on what you hate. “I’d definitely use that app,” said Shantai of West Philadelphia.

“It’s not no haters on there, is it?” asked fellow Philly resident Kevisha.

The app, which launched Wednesday, matches users based on how they swipe on 3,000 topics.

From politics to selfie sticks, building the wall and watching the bachelor…we all have our things.

“The building blocks for a successful relationship are commonalities,” said Dr. Monica Mandell, a relationship expert and owner of Love Matters, LLC. She says mutual distaste is an effective way to bring folks together. So long as the negativity stops there.

“As long as the two get along well and your discussions are productive and fun, it’s all good,” said Mandell.

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As they say… a hater’s gonna hate. Or in this case? Haters gonna date!