By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With the first significant snowfall of the season expected early tomorrow morning, PennDOT is gearing up, but they remind drivers while they do all they can to keep roads passable, there’s a good chance roads will still get snow-covered.

Northeast Braces For Heavy Snow As Temps Plunge Overnight

PennDOT’s Brad Rudolph says they’ll have their full call-out for the snowfall, but he says because the storm is expected to start as rain, they won’t be able pre-treat or anti-ice roads in advance.

“Because the rain would just wash that material away.”

He says the timing of the storm could be a problem as plow trucks have a route that typically takes 2-to-4 hours to complete, and that gets longer if the plows and trucks get stuck in traffic.

“If it takes two hours for the truck to get to its original point and snow is falling at one, two inches an hour, the roads are not going to be bare, you do the math.”

And of course, the usual warnings, give the plows plenty of room, be patient, allow for extra time.

“We certainly want drivers to take extra precautions, sit this one out if you can. The snow’s going to be heavy at times.”