CHESTER COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — A new traffic light in Chester County may confuse some drivers.

At Route 52 and Pocopson Road, PennDOT installed a new traffic light that has a flashing yellow turn signal.

“It’s a four-signal head, rather than a three standard one where you have the red, yellow, green,” said PennDOT’s Charlie Metzger.

The road the light is on has lots of curves, hills and bends.

Most drivers hardly noticed what’s unique – a flashing yellow.

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“I would say that is a little non-typical. I’ve never seen a green arrow or directional arrow function in that matter,” said Matthew Troutman.

PennDOT rolled it out and powered it up Wednesday.

“You have a flashing yellow turn signal which means you can go on caution because traffic coming at you will have a green,” Metzger said.

There is just one other traffic light like this in Pennsylvania.

“The idea for using this signal in this particular location was to help give people an extra few seconds to get through the intersection, clear the queue, and not let people get stuck up on the tracks,” Metzger said.

“I think it’s intuitive,” Troutman said. “I can’t see that it would cause an accident, but it is different.”

While the light was installed to alleviate congestion due to a detour, PennDOT said the light will be permanent.