By Dan Majka

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Who’s playing hooky from work Monday?

Don’t be surprised if you show up to an empty office the morning after the Super Bowl.

It’s estimated that some 16-million Americans will stay home from work the day after the big game, with 7.5 million more showing up late. That doesn’t include the millions of workers who were smart enough to take the day off in advance.

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Your favorite team doesn’t even have to be playing for football fans to enjoy the party. In fact, for some, it will be the only game they watch all season. Inevitably, lots of junk food and beer will be consumed Sunday evening, and the alarm clocks will remain silent the next morning.

And apparently Super Bowl-related absences could be impacted by age.

According to a survey last year, 32 percent of men ages 18-34 and 20 percent of men ages 35-44 who planned on watching the game claimed there was good chance they would be staying home from work the next day.

But it’s not just men. Women also are at risk to catch Super Bowl Fever. The survey found 10 percent of employed women who had planned to watch said they might not go to work Monday.

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It all seems to add up to a day in which an employer can expect little productivity.

Perhaps that’s why Kraft-Heinz has called an audible this year. The food company is giving all of its salaried employees the day off on February 6 after Super Bowl LI, and is pushing for the Monday after the Super Bowl to be a national holiday.

Now that’s something to cheer about.

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