By Kim Glovas

by Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Super Bowl means football, but for many it’s also the entertainment in the commercials.

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What makes a commercial successful, especially during the Super Bowl, is getting the consumer to have an emotional investment in it.

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That’s according to Doctor Angelika Dimoka, an associate professor in the Temple University Fox School of Business. She cited neuro-research using commercials from the 2014 game, and wiring consumers up to functional magnetic resonance imaging, or f-MRI.

“Super Bowl commercials are completely different type of commercials than anything else. So these Super Bowl commercials we found that emotional response, story telling, was very, very important to make them successful,” explained Dr. Dimoka.

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She says the part of the brain which identifies value was activated in those studies. It was uncertain, however, if consumers went out and bought those products in the highly rated ads.