PHILADELPHIA (CBS)— Dr. Sebastian Gorka, who was recently named Deputy Assistant to the President, discussed the new administration’s continued opposition to the Iranian nuclear deal and dismissed claims that Donald Trump’s recently enacted travel ban will encourage more terrorist activity.

Gorka, while speaking with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said Iran continues to act aggressively internationally following the deal reached with Obama administration and needs to be confronted.

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“I can tell you what General Flynn has made very clear, there are significant weaknesses with any deal with a nation that doesn’t follow the international standard or norms of diplomatic behavior, that our own government has labelled as the largest state sponsor of terrorism. Having a treaty, the JCPOA, which is de-linked from everything else Iran is doing in the region doesn’t make sense. Yes, a nuclear Iran is a huge problem but it should be dealt with with regard to everything else Iran is doing in the region.”

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He also rejected assertions that the executive order banning immigration from seven Middle Eastern nations would spark more terrorist attacks.

“This is a strange argument. The logical destination of that argument is we don’t do anything unless the terrorists like it. It’s really absurd if you take it to it’s final logical destination. That means all government policy, whether the President is a Republican or a Democrat or an independent, would be dictated by our enemies.”

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