PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Andrew McCarthy, a writer for National Review and former federal prosecutor, came to Donald Trump’s defense following national protests sparked by his executive order halting entry for refugees from seven Middle Eastern nations.

McCarthy told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that Trump should not shy away from confronting the religious aspect of the ban.

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“I would not hide under my bed when they say, you’re just coming after Islam. Yes, we’re coming after Sharia supremacism and the reason it is important to do that is we have a lot of allies who are actually authentically moderate Muslims. The only way we’re ever going to help them separate themselves from the Sharia supremacists is if we are unapologetic in saying, you’re damn right, we’re coming after the Sharia supremacists. That’s what it’s about.”

McCarthy said there is nothing wrong with the intention of the order.

“It’s just extreme vetting. We’re not saying there is a categorical ban from this area, but it means, if you’re from that area, where there is a prevalence of this ideology, which is anti-American, anti-western, anti-assimilationist, you’re going to be questioned more thoroughly than somebody that comes from a place that there’s no reason to suppose hostility to the United States.”

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However, McCarthy did state the administration should’ve handled the roll out of the new rules in a better fashion.

“I do think it was implemented poorly and that they should have said this is going to start in a week, to get the agencies, to get their act together and to not be the position of giving people visas, inducing them to come here, and then telling them, once they got here, that they couldn’t come in.”


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