By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you were willing to say “I do,” there are probably many reasons why.

“He’s a phenomenal father,” said Lansdowne’s Linda Whelan of her husband.

“She’s real loyal,” added Eli Prosper of New York.

“He has OCD, so he’s very neat,” joked Sharon Johnson of Northeast Philly.

Now, in honor of National Spouses Day (January 26), a new survey has some spilling their secrets, beginning with what they appreciate most.

“How kind and caring and funny he is,” said Margie Patlak of Society Hill.

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“I appreciate that she finds me kind and caring and funny,” added her husband, Frank Chudno.

But, it was a hardworking partner that topped the appreciation list for this particular poll, conducted by, which also examined what annoys us most about the one we love.

“He doesn’t clean as much as me,” said Chau Kiuq of Philadelphia.

“He talks to the TV,” insisted Johnson.

But, it was selective listening that topped the list of most annoying habits.

Add to the list… snoring, being a control freak, financially irresponsible and finally, bodily functions. Oh, and 44 percent admitted their spouse sometimes gets on their nerves.

Johnson responded, saying, “You wouldn’t be normal if they didn’t get on your nerves.”

But, how would you feel if your spouse was one out of 10, who said they loved their partner, but wish they were single, so they could experience the dating life?

Or among the 9% who felt they were the better looking half?

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Only 38% of married women said they found their husband sexy, compared to 57% of hubbies, who still dug the way their lady looked.

“That’s really sad,” said Patlak.

“That makes me feel hurt. I mean, 38%? That’s not much,” said Prosper.

“I’m married 31 years, but I still think my husband is good looking!” said Johnson.