By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Before she became Donald Trump’s campaign manager, South Jersey native Kellyanne Conway briefly tried stand-up comedy.

The footage has been unearthed and is circulating on the internet.

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She’s now one of President Trump’s top advisors, but in 1998 Kellyanne Conway took part in DC’s funniest Celebrity charity event.

“Everyone’s wondering about my leg, it’s the first thing they ask. ‘Kellyanne, what happened to your leg?’ I’m like everyone heard I was going to be in this comedy show and they’re like ‘break a leg,’ so I did. And you think blondes are dumb.”

The 11 minute video was first posted to C-SPAN. It covers a top 5 list of how she broke her leg, the definition of a pundette, and the Bill Clinton affair.

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“How many pundettes can you fit into a shower?… I don’t know either they keep slipping down the drain. What do you call 6 pundettes in a row?… A windtunnel.”

At the end of her set, Conway wears a feather boa and sings.

“I’ve got the pundette blues, read the Star report and all I could find is that Clinton’s sex life is better than mine.”

To see the full video, click here.

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