By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Dozens of people gathered for the Queer Rager GOP protest on the corner of 12th and Market Streets Tuesday night, causing traffic delays in Center City. The protest took place in front of the Loews Hotel where the Republican Congressional members are staying.

The demonstration shut down Market Street between 11th Street and City Hall.

Organizers say the dance party protest is in part to show law makers they stand for women’s rights, universal healthcare and equality for people who are Trans and Queer.

“I came to support the cause, I came to support the dance party and this is something I couldn’t miss,” one protester said.

“I’m coming out here to dance and support my gay and trans brothers and sisters,” another said.

The festive dance party featured lots of glow sticks, upbeat music, sequins and of course festive clothing.

“I have my kitty cat ears on, I got my kitty cat coat on. I got my rainbow fans. I’m going to rock out,” one protester said.

Those attending the protest called it “the most joyous resistance.”

SEPTA announced bus detours in the area as well: