ATLANTIC CITY (CBS) — It’s cleanup time down at the shore after a nasty few days filled with a lot of street flooding.

Not far from the Tropicana casino is California and Fairmount Avenues, the intersection was basically the base of a lake earlier in the morning.

The crossing guard here says at its peak, during the Nor Easter, water was up close to her knee.

And Greg, who’s opening up a corner bar, is not pleased that he has to once again go to his business and deal with water that made it inside because of drainage issues on the street.

“It’s not a new problem, it’s an old problem. I call the city every time we have a severe storm.”

He says drivers, that don’t play it safe, just plow through flooded waters at the intersection and make a mess of his business.

“The water is lapping against the building and some of the water has come underneath the front door.”

He says the flooding is a headache and all he wants to do is build a business and give a boost to the neighborhood.