By Jim Melwert

MONTGOMERY COUNTY (CBS) — A group of kids from a Montgomery County high school will be featured at the Philadelphia Auto Show, which opens later this week.  The exhibit from the Methacton Electric Car Club is much more than just a car.

Methacton senior Amanda Amornwichet is a four-year member of the Electric Car Club, she said they transformed the ride.

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Photo credit: KYW's Jim Melwert

Photo credit: KYW’s Jim Melwert

“You can just be like a little kid and look around,” she said.

Armed with a former delivery truck.

“It used to be a Tastykake truck.”

And a three-wheeled fully-electric car affectionately called the Lorax.

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“We call it the Lorax because it’s electric because the Lorax speaks for the trees and it’s good for the environment.”

Photo credit: KYW's Jim Melwert

Photo credit: KYW’s Jim Melwert

She said they’re completely off the grid.

“We can charge the car with the energy we get from the solar panels on top of the box truck.”

But the inside of the box truck is put to good use as well, a travelling display that will be on exhibit at the Auto Show, among the displays in the truck, a stationary bike hooked up to light bulbs to show how much more energy it takes to run an incandescent bulb compared to an LED.

“So you can kind of like understand when you turn on a light bulb how much energy you’re actually using.”

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