By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — From fellow presidents and sitting politicians, to the first lady and the rest of the Trump family, a distinguished crowd watched as President Donald Trump, a business man turned reality TV star, took the oath of office on Friday.

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Did you?

“I don’t make comments about Sunday’s NFL games, because I don’t watch them,” said Heather Lammarre, an associate professor at Temple University. She specializes in political communication and says while it’s not a required part of citizenship, and ultimately up to the individual, it does come in handy when discussing politics.

“For those who want to make observations about the president, make political arguments, I’d agree the ethical moral thing to do then is to first be informed,” she explained. That includes listening to the president’s inaugural address first hand, to witnessing the departure of Marine One and imagining how difficult the day was for the democratic challenger.

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So, what did we miss? According to Lamarre, the historic significance of this particular inauguration. The first time our nation voted against Washington, and opted instead for a political outsider. “I think that’s something that needs to be discussed because it says a lot about where people in America are and how disconnected Washington is,” Lamarre said.