WASHINGTON (CBS) — It might be pomp and circumstances for President-elect Donald Trump as his inauguration nears, but some of his Cabinet nominees are facing tough questions.

CBS 3’s Jessica Dean reports it was an intense back-and-forth on Capitol Hill between Treasury Secretary nominee Steve Mnuchin and Democratic senators.

“You just want to shoot questions at me and not let me explain,” said Mnuchin.

Senators wanted to know why Mnuchin waited until Wednesday to disclose that he was a manager for investment funds located in the Caribbean.

“Did you use the Cayman Island corporation to avoid paying taxes?” Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., asked.

“I did not use a Cayman Island entity in any way to avoid paying taxes for myself,” Mnuchin responded.

“So you helped others avoid paying taxes?” Stabenow shot back.

“They didn’t avoid, they followed the law,” said Mnuchin.

Mnuchin says that’s a law he would like to see changed with the new Trump administration.

Also on Capitol Hill Thursday was Energy Secretary nominee Rick Perry, who said just because he was once the governor of Texas, it doesn’t mean he’s beholden to big oil.

“I’m committed to an all of the above policy,” said Perry.

While Perry says the climate is changing, he’s cautious on how he would address the issue.

“Some is natural and some is manmade,” Perry said. “How do we address it in a thoughtful way that does not hurt economic growth?”

Perry said he regrets once calling for the Energy Department to be abolished.