By Jim Donovan

by Jim Donovan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you thought things were just a little bit more expensive, you’re right. Inflation has hit a two-and-a-half year high.

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Gas prices, rent, flights, car insurance.

Just some of the many things that have gotten more expensive, according to the consumer price index — the program the federal government uses to track costs.

You may have noticed the biggest jump at the gas pump, last month gas prices went up 3%.

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And according to AAA this week, the average price of regular unleaded gas is hovering at around 10 cents more than it was a month ago.

But not every sector is seeing a hike.

Grocery costs have gone down — slightly — for the last eight months, and the cost of clothes also dropped less than one percent.

This may be the new norm for a while.

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The federal reserve raised its interest rate last month, and the fed plans to keep raising rates throughout the year, Which could potentially make inflation — and prices — go up