PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Michael Grant, aka Philly Jesus, claims he was harassed and blocked as he attempted to join a Black Lives Matter march by protesters on Martin Luther King Day in Philadelphia, telling Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that he feels his rights were violated by the other demonstrators.

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“I went there and there was a few people that took offense to me and to my attire and to my apparel and they conspired against me and they all made a human wall, a barricade against me, trying to stop me from marching. I just kept, repeatedly, calmly, saying, stop touching me. I know my rights. This is freedom of religion, freedom of speech. You’re violating my First Amendment rights. My First Amendment rights were being violated.”

Grant rejected accusations shouted at him that he is anti-gay, saying he is open to and accepting of everyone.

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“They were calling me lots of names and that’s one of the names. They called me a homophobe because I took a stance in 2015 when they legalized same-sex marriage. I took a stand, saying that marriage is between a man and a woman in the eyes of God. Then everyone started calling me a homophobe because I said that. I don’t hate anybody. All there is is love in my heart. I don’t hate gay people. I love all types of people from any walk of life your from. Just because I don’t agree with something doesn’t mean I hate you. I don’t have to agree with people to love them. I love everybody. I try to preach the word of guy the best that I can.”