By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The spotlight is being shined on a pesky problem for our city. A Bloomberg analysis finds that the Philadelphia region is the worst in the country for rodent infestation.

The census data, which was recorded by the American Housing Survey, shows 18 percent of homes throughout the Philadelphia, Camden and Wilmington metro area reported seeing mice or rats, the most of any city studied.

Devon Cohen of Horsham reacted to the news saying, “I’m wondering why here and what’s causing it.”

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Rich Foreman, a technician for Dynamite Pest Control would know. His family-run business has been removing pests from homes in the tri-state area for nearly 50 years. He says new construction is stirring up the rodent population underground.

“They need somewhere to go, so they come up above ground and go into our homes and facilities,” he explained.

With Philly tops on the list, followed by Boston, New York and D.C., Foreman says colder climates could be a factor. Then, there’s the issue of sanitation.

“You definitely have to empty the trash baskets, take the garbage out, make sure trash is put in a nice and neat pile,” explained Foreman.

The pest control expert also recommends sealing cracks inside and outside the home, something that will deter rodents and roaches, which were found in just 7 percent of homes in our area.

“Oh, lovely,” said Teresa Evans of South Philly.

For the record, that puts Philly at #13 on the cockroach list…better than #1.

If you have a rat complaint, you can call the Philadelphia Department of Public health at 215-685-9000.