PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Signs banning sitting on the walls of a popular Philadelphia park are gone just days after the mayor openly criticized the posted warnings on Twitter.

In Rittenhouse Square, a lunchtime sit-in celebration is underway.

The sit-in was supposed to be in protest, but it is now considered a victory sit-in.

This was all sparked by a sign that has now been taken down.

(credit: CBS3)

(credit: CBS3)

“No Sitting On Wall” signs went up in Rittenhouse Square last week. They caused a bit of uproar until Mayor Kenney got involved with a simple tweet on Saturday.

“Sit where you want.”

Mayor Kenney called the decision by the Parks Department “poor communication” and said he would not have approved had he been involved in the decision-making process.

It was a short lived controversy. The mayor says he is hoping to make the park more inviting to all, as it is a public park.