WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS)—Police in Delaware are taking action to combat the recent uptick in violence since the new year.

Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki and Police Chief Bobby Cummings plan to tackle the violence in a series of steps.

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“What has been happening over the last few weeks would border on the unbelievable if it were not so real, disturbing, disappointing and unacceptable,” said Mayor Purzycki. “These senseless incidents are so painful for the victims’ families and for all of us who are committed to reversing these trends. Violence must create a greater sense of urgency among our citizens to work with the police to stop these behaviors. I am committed to making sure that our City government leads the way in developing and implementing strategies that go beyond law enforcement to improve people’s lives by increasing their ability to support their families. In the immediate future though, we will focus on increased police action to stop this activity and bring people to justice.”

The plan includes:

  • Implementing an anti-violence police overtime strategy to deploy additional police patrols in cars and on foot in higher crime areas of the city because all of the recent incidents have occurred in known ‘hot spots’ for high crime based on daily police analysis of criminal activity
  • Increasing actions by the WPD’s Safe Streets and DISRUPT units to focus on possible suspects that have been developed as having a role in or knowing of information about the current rash of incidents
  • Increasing City police contacts with citizens in the affected areas of the City to seek cooperation in developing additional leads in these recent cases and assistance in removing guns from persons prohibited from carrying a firearm
  • Enhancing the WPD’s ongoing relationships with the New Castle County and State Police to develop additional intelligence from the partner agencies in the course of their work in their respective jurisdictions
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“In the two weeks that I have been Mayor, the police reports regarding these recent incidents have made me even more keenly aware that time is of the essence to make changes in our city because there are people among us who are out to destroy themselves and think nothing of harming others,” said the Mayor. “I have had an urgency to get things done and to do things differently in Wilmington which is why I sought this office. I know we can make our city and our neighborhoods stronger by creating jobs, reducing crime and blight and advocating for a better education system for our children. I also know that we can’t move quickly enough to implement programs that help curb these acts of violence.”

Mayor Purzycki says what’s happened recently has been unnerving for everyone, but he’s committed to putting an end to the violence.

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“I need to assure all of our citizens that our police department is reviewing crime activity daily and is constantly gathering information and intelligence to track the movement of known criminals,” said Mayor Purzycki. “We are committed to outsmarting the small number of people in this city who have ruined lives and neighborhoods and damaged this city’s image for far too long. What has happened in recent days is unnerving for all of us. But each time an irresponsible act occurs, we must commit to becoming more responsible in the way we fight the criminals. “We are all in this together, and together we can lessen the likelihood that a relatively small number of people who constitute the criminal element in Wilmington can have their way with our lives and our city,” said the Mayor. “I am asking you to step forward and cooperate with the police on the current investigations and I am asking you to help the police remove guns from the people who should not possess them. And, I am asking you to work with me and others in our City government to support efforts to improve the social and economic conditions for all of our citizens so crime does not become the easiest option for a person to embrace. We will continue from a law enforcement standpoint to prevent crime from occurring and arrest those when it does occur. We will also move forward as quickly as possible on ways to improve the well-being of our citizens.”