By David Spunt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Linda Jara spends hours each week counting the hundreds of pills in front of her. She had a heart transplant in September.

The social studies teacher at Valley Forge Military Academy is slowing getting back on her feet, but she’s on long-term disability because of the recovery.

Right now, she has health insurance through work, but is worried about what will happen if she doesn’t go back to work and loses it. She says, she needs the Affordable Care Act, not because she’s a staunch Obama supporter, but because she needs it to stay alive.

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“My medical bills have cost about $3 million,” she said. Without insurance, her prescriptions add up to $7,000 a month. Democratic lawmakers are calling foul at Donald Trump’s proposal for change.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker wants to keep the Affordable Care Act. He spoke with Eyewitness News about Trump’s desire to repeal and replace.

“The fact that they haven’t told America with transparency, this is what we’re replacing health care with, it’s unacceptable,” Booker said. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan wants to put Americans like Jara at ease.

“Some of these steps will be taken by Congress,” Ryan said. “Some of these steps will be taken by the incoming Trump administration and after he is concerned, HHS Security Tom Price. So, this will be a thoughtful, step by step process.”

Jara said she’ll continue to stare at her pills and bills, crossing her fingers that she won’t be out on the street if Obamacare is flushed down the drain. “If I can’t get that medication and I don’t have health insurance, I’m not going to make it.”