If you’re one of the many small business owners who hasn’t fully embraced all that modern technology has to offer, then you might truly be missing out. Whether your business is a technology-based organization or not, there are advanced solutions of all kinds to help you reach new customers, organize your existing databases and make your life easier on a day-to-day basis. You just have to be willing to step out of the box a little to see all the different solutions that are available today.

Gesture is one example of a high-tech organization that has truly found ways to take advantage of the many different technological solutions on the market. The Chicago-based company is a fundraising technology organization that has helped raise more than $320 million for charity partners since it was founded in 2011.

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“We integrate a mobile fundraising platform with expert planning and dedicated onsite professional event teams to work with charities to meet their specific event fundraising objectives,” explains CEO and Founder Jim Alvarez. “Gesture also offers year-round services that help charities build fundraising campaigns and keep focus on making hope happen nationwide. Gesture’s innovative technology platform is packed with tools that allow their partners to fully manage their fundraising campaigns. These intuitive products make it easier for donors to give and reach them where they’re most engaged: on their mobile devices.”

For a high-tech organization like Gesture, embracing other solutions has been crucial to its success. As Alvarez explains, “We recently upgraded our CRM to Salesforce and it was life-changing for our team. We now have insight into customers and can integrate with all our other tools.” Alvarez also recommends using other effective tools that have been helpful for him in the past as well. “Don’t be afraid of technology. Experiment with lightweight technology tools and services, like Zapier and Webflow, that can make a positive impact with little investment.”

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Technology is changing fast, and it’s important for any business owner to keep up with it as best as he or she can. One of the quickest ways to embrace the modern age is to focus on mobile. “Fully investing in making a great mobile experience has been essential for Gesture,” Alvarez explains. “People live on their phones, and if you do not deliver a great product that empowers them to have everything they need right in their pocket, then you are letting your customers down.”

Start by ensuring you have a strong, mobile-friendly, responsive website design. Look to app-designers to help you learn how to find new ways to interact with your customers, and find different solutions to keep your product or service handy as each customer picks up his or her phone. Then you’ll see the many different ways embracing technology can pay off for your small business and, most importantly, your bottom line.


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This article was written by Deborah Flomberg for CBS Small Business Pulse.