PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On Thursday, the U.S. Mint unveiled the 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin. If you’ve been collecting these pieces, this coin will stand out from the rest as for the first time, Lady Liberty is being portrayed as an African-American woman.

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The head side of the coin features the depiction of Lady Liberty wearing a headband of stars with the years 1792 and 2017 on either side of her. Along the bottom of the coin you see “225th Anniversary,” flanked by stars.

An eagle in flight is depicted on the tales side of the coin.

The head side of the coin was designed by Justin Kunz, a designer with the Mint Artistic Infusion Program. It was sculpted by Mint Sculptor and engraver Phebe Hemphill.

The new coin is the first in a series that will serve to celebrate the cultural and ethnic diversity of the nation. Coins will come out in the series that represent Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Indian-Americans as well.