By Kristen Johanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Some might say Temple University has earned another notch on its belt, with nearly 300 people signing up to become a ‘Sugar Baby’.

More than a thousand Temple Owls are now signed up on the website, in hopes of finding a ‘Sugar Daddy’ or
‘Sugar Mama’.

“It’s an older person that a younger person dates for money,” said one senior on campus.

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But college students on campus are not new to the list, as Temple ranked 4th in 2015.

“It is always surprising and alarming when I hear this statistic come up, because I’m like looking around and being like ‘Who are you with these sugar daddies and sugar mamas paying for everything?'” said another student.

“I think it is hilarious,” said one male student. “I think it is so funny that that is what our school is number one at.”

And when asked if they knew any ‘Sugar Babies’ or ‘Sugar Parents’, most said they didn’t.

“I do not. I don’t know anyone.”

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But, there was one student who heard of a sort of arrangement:

“They were dating someone who was over 70, and they were like 20. This is a woman, and she was dating a man,” said the male student. “If people are just for the money, than I think we should investigated the financial situation that people are in.”

According to, the cost for an in-state student to attend Temple University for the year, and live on-campus is $32,138 and $42,444 for all out-of-state students.

When reached for comment, a Temple University spokesman said, “We have no comment other than to marvel at how media outlets continue to give this company free advertising.”