3pm – Meryl Streep attacks Trump in Golden Globes acceptance speech

3:10pm – In 2017, getting to know the other half

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3:20pm – Nobody Melinda Byerley issues half-assed apology after trashing middle America

4pm – Rich spoke with Kelly Johnston, Vice President of Government Affairs for the Campbell Soup Company, regarding Obamacare being dismantled by Congress.

4:20pm – N.J. Adoption Law Enacted

5pm – Lawmakers question rules allowing guns at airports

5:20pm – WH’s Earnest: Meryl Streep “Clearly Was Delivering A Thoughtful, Carefully Considered Message”

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5:35pm – UFC’s Dana White fires back at ‘uppity 80-year-old’ Meryl Streep after MMA dig

5:40pm – Joy Behar slams Donald Trump for his Meryl Streep response: ‘He’s such a baby’

5:50pm – Kellyanne Conway will have turn 50 on January 20!

6pm – Greenwald: Intelligence Chiefs Alleging Russia Hacked Election Have A History Of Lying To The Public


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