By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you’ve ever wondered about his or her wandering eye, you may want to pay attention to what some are calling the most popular day to cheat on your partner.

“Probably New Years Eve or the day after that day,” said Debra Davis of Deptford, New Jersey.

“Maybe winter?” inquired Eva Shelley of Medford, New Jersey.

Joseph Eddings of Upper Moreland added, “Valentines Day. There’s a lot of love going on.”

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According to Gleeden, a dating site for married people, sign-ups spike the second Monday after Christmas. That’s January 9th this year. And according to divorce attorneys, the bad news doesn’t end there. January is also a popular month to file for divorce.

“It’s all very common sense and practical, tied in with emotion and money,” explained Attorney Richard Klineburger, who specializes in family law at Klineburger & Nussey, a litigation firm serving Philadelphia and New Jersey. He says there are three main reasons “ex” marks the spot, beginning with the holidays.

“The last thing someone wants to do is to be in a situation where they’re ruining holidays for children, ruining holidays for family,” said Klineburger.

He says the new year also has something to do with it.

“People have resolutions, people want to make a fresh start.”

Finances are also a factor, according to Klineburger.

“People get their Christmas bonuses, end of the year bonuses… and they have that money to get an apartment, to pay an attorney.”

So, how can you do your part to avoid the marital doom and gloom?

Davis said, “I guess communication and give and take.”

Eddings added, “Know who you’re marrying, know for sure you love them.”

Mike Walker of Sicklerville, New Jersey says it’s important to “find the good in the relationship, find the good in the person.”

Oh, and don’t be tempted by the garden of “Gleeden.” Take it from a divorce attorney.

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“That click online, that setting up the profile is enough to tear down everything that’s been built up,” explained Klineburger.