By Andrew Kramer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s not everyday you get to perform on stage with members of the Philadelphia Orchestra. But dozens of musicians from across the region got that chance Saturday night at the Kimmel Center.

A handful of members of the Philadelphia Orchestra’s bassoon section performed with around 100 aspiring musicians on the Verizon Hall stage.

The Orchestra’s Danielle Rossbach says the “Bassoon PlayIN” was open to everyone:

“We have people from all ages, all abilities. We invite students, college students, amateurs, anybody who loves the bassoon. We have some very talented young musicians, we have people who have been doing it for most of their life.”

Amanda Phannenstiel falls into that last category. She’s been playing bassoon for close to 20 years

“It’s amazing, really exciting, great opportunity, exhilarating, totally exhilarating,” she says of the event. But one the best parts for her…

“Being able to make music with other people who share the passion and love of the same, weird instrument that we all study.”

Davey Heister is more on the amateur side. He’s been playing the bassoon for five years. But cross performing with the Philadelphia Orchestra off his bucket list.

“I play bassoon in a number of different orchestras and I’m a huge fan of the Philadelphia Orchestra,” he says, “so when I heard about this I knew I had to come. This is an amazing opportunity.”

Rossbach calls this a unique chance for the Orchestra to engage with their audience:

“Usually we have that separation where the musicians are on stage and the audience is enjoying the music but from their seats in the Hall, so this is a way to create music, to create beauty, to create joy together.”

The event was free to participate in and attend.