By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A take-out food delivery driver who sued after two police officers opened fire on his vehicle in West Philadelphia, has won a multi-million dollar settlement, just as jury selection was to start.

It’s also changed the way in which the department trains its officers.

“This is the largest settlement, to my knowledge, in a police shooting case by far, in the city of Philadelphia.”

Attorney Thomas Kline says it’s in the top ten in the country; the others were all police-related fatal shootings.

The City of Philadelphia will pay $4.4 million to 23-year-old Phil Holland, who was wounded in 2014 by plainclothes officers responding to reports of gunfire around 51st Street and Willows Avenue. He had just delivered some food, and was confronted by armed men.:

“He thought they were robbing him. Phil hHolland was a pizza delivery man, in this case delivering a hamburger.”

Kline claims the officers did not identify themselves.

“They shot him down – 14 bullets into his car, three hitting him, one squarely into his face.”

Kline says Holland still lives in pain, and suffers from frequent seizures.

The City of Philadelphia agreed to change its training protocol for plainclothes officers, placement and display of patrol badges, and how and when to identify themselves.

There were two Philadelphia police related fatal shootings in 2011, settled for $2.5-million.