PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office and the city’s police union continued to trade barbs over the call not to charge a 16-year-old girl after altercation with an officer that was caught on video.

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams responded to comments from FOP President John McNesby that he was an ‘morally and ethically challenged sideline playboy,’ telling Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that he made the right decision.

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“I stand by the hard work of our office. I’m committed to the citizens of Philadelphia and my office by every day, working hard and trying to ensure the correct policies, working in Harrisburg and City Hall, being part of the training and personnel of our office, so I don’t know what that is. That’s like some sort of WWE Smackdown talk that has nothing to do with the evidence or facts of this case. It really does a disservice to the citizens of Philadelphia.”

FOP Vice President John McGrody expressed his outrage during an interview with Giordano, saying Williams is perpetuating lawlessness.

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“What we have here is we have a District Attorney abdicating their responsibility to investigate a crime on the streets of Philadelphia. You don’t even have to investigate a crime because this is all captured on video that preceded the video that’s out in the media. The individual who assaulted a uniformed Philadelphia police officer admitted doing so and we have a DA walking away from that, saying there will be no charges. By doing so, the DA is supporting and encouraging anarchy and disorder on the streets of Philadelphia.”

He insisted there must be consequences for anyone who assaults an officer.

“You hit a Philadelphia police officer, you’re going to get what’s coming to you. The deal is this, that Philadelphia police officer is out there to preserve order. That Philadelphia police officer has a gun belt on, which contains a weapon, which contains several weapons of deadly force and if somebody were to overpower that officer, they could potentially take a firearm, take a taser and kill or maim several people. So, when you assault a Philadelphia police officer, you’ve got to expect that you’re going to be taken down, you’re going to be handcuffed and you’re going to be arrested.”


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