PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Have you noticed’s Instagram natural, annual proliferation of those New Year’s resolution posts and comments?

Some rendition of #NewYearNewMe? Yeah, be it sincere or in jest, they’re there. People say that stuff, because they want to better themselves which is great. With a new year comes a new hope, and it works wonders.

Of course, sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes you can blame your city for coming up short on New Year’s resolutions. Seriously.

WalletHub ‘crunched the numbers’ to figure what cities in the United States are the most, or least, conducive to following through with a resolution. WalletHub collected data from 150 cities across 48 different indicators, comprised their list by giving each city a score.

Of the 150, Philadelphia was rated 141st with a total score of 44.32. They came in third to last for bad habits resolutions as 146th in education and employment resolutions.

Nothing cracked the top half, though financial resolutions came close by finishing in 82nd. In comparison, Pittsburgh finished in 29th with a score of 58.19.

They found that the best city to convert on your New Year’s resolutions is Salt Lake City, Utah with a total score of 68.79. Second place is San Francisco with a score of 66.12 and third is Scottsdale, Arizona with 65.31.

Fifth place is Plano, Texas, which was being hampered by a 34th ranking in completing fitness goals, as it was first in both financial resolutions and education and employment resolutions.

The best city to stay fit and join the #FitFam is Irvine, California, followed in second by Huntington Beach, California.

As for the bottom of the list, Detroit comes in dead last with 37.79 points, closely followed by Newark, New Jersey in 149th with 39.38.

Detroit earned it’s ignominious basement floor finish with a consistently bad showing, three of four categories fell in the bottom 10, while Newark was more sporadic in it’s impotence. They finished dead last in both financial resolutions and education and employment resolutions, but it pulls some solace from finishing in the top third for bad habits resolutions.

The worst city to stay fit, the inverse to Irvine, is Augusta, Georgia. Second to last is Jackson, Mississippi. It’s unfair, though, with all the sumptuous southern food.

Brownsville, Texas finishes first the bad habits category, though 146th in fitness resolutions, though one would assume they’d go hand in hand. Apparently not.