PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—Looking to make some cash without all the stress? We have 25 for you.

Business Insider has found 25 jobs that pay more than $70,000 a year with the lowest stress scores.

Business Insider says they combed through the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), a US Department of Labor database that compiles detailed information on hundreds of jobs.

O*NET rates the “stress tolerance” for each job on a scale from zero to 100.

Here are 25 jobs that could fit your lifestyle:


Stress tolerance: 70

Average annual salary: $77,420


Stress tolerance: 70

Average annual salary: $115,750

Art director

Stress tolerance: 69

Average annual salary: $101,990

Technical writers

Stress tolerance: 69

Average annual salary: $73,350

Computer hardware engineer

Stress tolerance: 67

Average annual salary: $114,970


Stress tolerance: 67

Average annual salary: $221,390


Stress tolerance: 66

Average annual salary: $83,440

Applications software developer

Stress tolerance: 65

Average annual salary: $102,160

Computer and information systems manager

Stress tolerance: 64

Average annual salary: $141,000


Stress tolerance: 64

Average annual salary: $110,560

Operations research analyst

Stress tolerance: 63

Average annual salary: $84,180

Law teacher (postsecondary)

Stress tolerance: 63

Average annual salary: $126,230

Geoscientist (except hydrologists and geographers)

Stress tolerance: 63

Average annual salary: $105,720


Stress tolerance: 62

Average annual salary: $110,220

Economics teacher (postsecondary)

Stress tolerance: 62

Average annual salary: Stress tolerance: 70


Stress tolerance: 61

Average annual salary: $118,500

Biomedical engineer

Stress tolerance: 61

Average annual salary: $91,230

Materials engineer

Stress tolerance: 61

Average annual salary: $94,690

Political scientist

Stress tolerance: 61

Average annual salary: $103,210

Agricultural engineer

Stress tolerance: 61

Average annual salary: $78,490


Stress tolerance: 59

Average annual salary: $84,440


Stress tolerance: 59

Average annual salary: $109,230


Stress tolerance: 58

Average annual salary: $74,920


Stress tolerance: 57

Average annual salary: $112,560

Materials scientist

Stress tolerance: 53

Average annual salary: $94,940