By Andrew Kramer

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — When the parade is over, the Mummers march right on down to South Philadelphia’s “Two Street” for a lively afterparty…to say the least.

For Matt Weidenmiller with the Wench division’s Pirate Club, the best part of Mummers Day is the march down 2nd Street.

“It’s one of the best experiences in the city,” he said.  “It’s probably what people should come here to experience once a year. It’s part of Philadelphia. It’s tradition.”

The perfect way, he said, to wrap everything up.

“Party atmosphere. Everyone’s in a good mood, lot of support,” he said. “The band will come down the street, play some music, have some fun, dance drink.”

Not quite the same experience for Andrew Mulherin, who lives in the heart of it all.

“You have people knocking on your door ‘oh can I use your bathroom?’ and stuff like that and the next thing you know you have a house full of people you don’t know.”

But he said it’s all in good fun.

“Some years you find tomato sauce on the ceiling and you’re not even serving tomato sauce, and all that well-placed twelve-year-old Scotch you’ve hidden so well, all of a sudden gets discovered and it loses its charm after a few years, but we’re still here and we’re still enjoying it.”